Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Treasures

As promised in my last post: Those are the things I brought home from England. I took a picture of everything except the box full of candy. Guess why... almost everything is already gone! But who could resist Turkish Delight or Crunchie? Fortunately this amazing cupcake tea cup isn't edible or you would never have had the opportunity to see a picture of it ;) I love it; the cover keeps the tea warm for a long time and well, I fell for polka dots!

I got this huge Beatrix Potter book for my son. I can't wait to read the stories to him. Peter is adorable, but I guess I like the story about the mice best.

A magnificent necklace and a purse... I just had to see every Accessorize store they had there. And couldn't decide what to chose. Was this the right choice?

And well, I admit, back in Paris I was quite in a shopping mood and treated myself with a few more things. This is a scented candle in a jar from my favorite decoration shop.

Talking about polka dots... when polka dots are even WHITE on GREY, I'm really in love! Guess why... I saw some ladies here like them too very much and after seeing all those pictures... I think that's how advertising works :) The polka propaganda...

That's why I had to get those fluffy warm slippers, I wear them right now and never had something more comfortable.

Of course I can't leave my favorite shop without taking half of the shop with me. Especially alle those "Bonheur" things, like those heart-shaped bowls.

Dusky pink fabric flowers... I have around 1000, but even this new beauty isn't my last one!

The perfect earrings for my Néréides necklace, so delicate and sweet!

Next time more about ma maison. I hope I will be able update more often.

Love, Chani


  1. Liebe Chani,
    Seufz, Was für bezaubernde Sachen Du Dir nach Hause mitgebracht hast! Das Täschchen ist mein totaler Liebling *lach*
    Meld Dich einfach wenn Du wieder Zeit hast, es soll ja kein Stress werden....
    Ich hoffe das Päckchen erreicht Dich bald :-)
    Ganz liebe Grüße,

  2. I love all of them! the cup is ...BEAUTIFUL.

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