Thursday, July 1, 2010

Life's a beach... but it's giveaway time!

Hi dear readers,

long time no read. I had (and have) some health issues, this is why I did not update much recently. I really hope it will soon get better and everything will be just a memory left of difficult times. Even though I'm not so present in the blogger world, my shop is still open with the same service than usual.

Now the good news! Sweet Suzanne from Shabby Chicks (isn''t that a cool blog name!) is hosting a Blanc & Caramel giveaway on her blog, please visit and the best of luck to win The Glittered Jar . Filled with vintage Paris crafting goodies!

Here's the link to the giveaway:

Hurry, the drawing will be on July 4th!

Look at Dani's beautiful picture she took of her win of my last giveaway:

And even me I've been so lucky to win an adorable cinnamon bun miniature ring (smelling of real cinnamon!) by Gail of Guurrrl Designs. Doesn't it look superyummy??

I'd love to create miniatures myself, this will be my next creative project!

This ring must be the perfect accessory for autumn and winter days when we bake with cinnamon and ginger. I even like to match my jewelry with seasons! At the moment, this is my favorite necklace:

We finally went on our beach trip to Deauville: With winter clothing in June! But the sun came out on the second day and we could even walk barefeet on the beach. Loved it!

Now, back in town, it's hot hot HOT and while dreaming of jumping in the blue sea, I've added some summery nautical and shabby americana accents to our rooms.

By the Sea . Nautical double heart ornament .

Isn't our new beachy key box the sweetest?

Get some nautical decor in my shop, too...

Take care!