Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Jewellery Webshop

It's been some years now that I have been making shabby inspired jewellery and accessories. One of my artsy passions! Even though I mainly concentrate on decorating things at the moment (it will take some more time for an entire collection, though) I've been creating a few more pieces.

(jewelry webshop closed. some favorites were moved to

Good night, Chani

Friday, September 25, 2009

Apples & Honey

I was very busy in the last few days and had no time to look at other's blog post. I hope next week I will be able to.

It's the Jewish holiday season and there's always a lot to prepare, above all: food!! I love all the special food traditions. A few days ago was Rosh Hashanah (New Year's) and I took a few pictures before the holiday started. I couldn't take pictures of the dinner because, among other things, I don't use electricity on holidays for religious reasons.

Traditionally, on Rosh Hashanah we eat apples dipped in honey. The new year should be as sweet!

I made sweet bread with honey and raisins.

Those are the three candles I light before the holiday begins. One for each member of our little family.

Some crafting, even though time was short: Pomegranate tags with "Happy New Year" on them.

That's the silver cup for the wine.

We say blessings over various feeds, for example apples, pomegranate seeds...

...and dates.

Love, Chani

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm in love...

... with some jewellery and accessories I bought a few days ago. Aren't they amazing?? I can't get enough of nature inspired vintage style jewellery.

My favorite piece is a long necklace with dusky purple roses, pearls, butterflies and a heart locket.

I got another necklace too. It has a bird attached to the clasp, I couldn't resist! The ring matches the necklaces and the cute vintage wallet with the rhinestone bow is made our of cream and silver fabric.

Between the beads, there's a small bird attached to the ring.

I found a soft cream wool cap and a dusky pink scarf in the same shop... what a great shopping spree this was. Cold autumn days can come now.

I took so many pictures and I couldn't decide which one I should post, so I posted all of them. Enjoy!

Love, Chani

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today I'm going to write about something a blog about decoration and the beautiful things in life shouldn't be about: Flärke. Flärke lives in our kitchen. He's Billy's little brother. And he's Swedish. We got Flärke for 15 € and he made his way into our home even though he's not white (kinda racist huh). You have to know that when moving into a new apartment, French kitchens are usually just empty (unlike in good ol' Switzerland) and we were lucky that there were some cupboards in ours already, but not enough. Since we have a kosher kitchen which means a lot of dishes, we had to buy shelves for our groceries. They shouldn't be larger than the side of our fridge, and most shelves were too big. Flärke was just right. But: Flärke was open and everyone in our living room could see it through the beautiful lattice window of our kitchen door. This is how we saved Flärke: My mother came to visit a few days ago and sew this very nice shabby curtain. She loves crafting and our country house back home is full of her little treasures.

The dark blue and white plaid hearts have little white heart buttons in the middle. Adorable!

I attached one of my herb cones on the Flärke's side (note: this background is unfortunately NOT Flärke). They are made out of old French recipe books (here: Boeuf à la mode) and contain rosemary and bay leaves from the Provence.

My mother also made this wonderful stuffed heart for me.

And I gave her in return some of the crafts I made recently.

It was so much fun to make those two sachets. One contains white and brown sugar with cinnamon and there's an anise star and a vintage recipe card with "Charlotte de pomme" attached to it. The other one contains salt with herbs and is decorated with a "Veau rôti" recipe card and some rosemary.

One of my white stuffed HOME hearts and a "musical" lavender sachet.

I have an autumnal recipe suggestion for you that ou MUST try. Those Cinnabuns were one of the best things I have ever eaten in my life!

Love, Chani

P.S.: Thank you for your comments, I'm so glad to be accepted so easily into the blogger community! It's a pleasure to meet such kind and amazingly creative people.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today I have no idea what to write. I will keep this post very short and just add some pictures of my beloved jewelry. I have so many wonderful vintage pieces, it takes me a long time every day to decide which one I put on...

Love, Chani

P.S. The beautiful lady on the photo is my grandmother z''l. She was a very exceptional person that I loved very much.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Row row row the boat...

I'm still choosing my furniture. So many shops have nice decoration and accessories but no larger pieces. But finally: We found exactly the bed we were looking for! It's all white and beautiful. The webshop often gives a discount on their things, so I'm waiting a few more days before I order.

I hesitate between two amazing wall shelves. Two or three units? We don't have much space, I still have to decide... It's so difficult! And I have no idea yet how to find the perfect table. How did you find your basic furniture?

There's still so much to do, too much brown furniture around. Slowly slowly I will reach my goal: Everything white!

Remember the lavender pictures? I used my baby's nautical style wardrobe as a background.

My husband painted the wardrobe white (it was white before, but slightly tansluscent). The boat knobs and the roof were bright blue and I painted them greyish blue, a shade of the blue painted wall and the wall border. I also made some wooden boat knobs for a dresser that had other knobs before. Now everything fits perfectly together! When everything is well arranged, I will make more pictures.

I also painted three little chairs and a small table... in a few years we will draw and make there some crafts! I can't wait... I'm sure my little boy will be very creative.

I just love this wardrobe, it's it adorable? Perfect for my little sailor! I also made this garland for him.

Not finished at all... and this was before I painted the little chair :)

I love the stuffed life saver and the boat. He will love to play with them!

This is the blue wavy border I made. The right wall is light blue, a beautiful greyish blue. The baby's bed will be under the wooden DREAM letters.

Sweet framed dollhouse bear pictures hang on the blue wall. I especially love the picture with the knitted baby shoes. They are attached to a white piece of fabric with lace around it and "bébé" embroidered on it (I will take a more detailed picture another time).

That's the dresser I painted and the knobs I made. And please forgive me, the chair isn't white, what a sin :) Soon it will be! Some shelves will replace the garland soon as well.

I hope you like the baby's room as much as I do!

Love, Chani