Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sparkling Winter

Want a star cookie?

After such a long time I would like to treat you with lots and lots of pictures of my winter decor.

We had a magical Chanukka, all sparkling and festive.

This is one of my December crafting projects, a vintage inspired snowman figure. Sculpturing is my new passion. Along with my old passion, glittering :)

We had a lovely little party at home... Would you like to try some chocolate fudge cake pops or rather...

... some lemon snowman cupcakes?

This is a castle made out of presents for our sweet 3-year-old son. He loved it! Every one of the 8 Chanukka nights he opened another gift...

White, cream, silver, and pale colors... I love them, but I also adore bright and colorful!

This is a mini "gingerbread" house my little one and I made together, I actually had the idea to cut the pieces out of Petit Beurres (French butter cookies), without any pattern this was quite tricky.

Oh well, I had to share this... another crazy passion of mine, colorful Re-Ment miniatures. I got a huge package with tons of new goodies!

So much to do, so little time - as always! Blanc & Caramel - both shops up and running - as always! I'm thankful to be busy with so many interesting projects and welcome such lovely customers.

One of my most exciting projects recently was working on my first publication. Stashbooks
will publish an adorable new Design Collective crafting book this March - Seaside Home. You know how much I'm inspired by summer and love seaside themed crafting projects. In the book, among many others, my Seashell Garland is easily explained for you to reproduce.

There are even more exciting news... guess what!

Gw in a few weeks (or days??) our family is getting bigger! Baby 2 is on his way!

Have a lovely time,