Sunday, August 30, 2009

Holiday Memories

Today I made a little paper lavender sachet (yes! more lavender, but as long it is still summer...), it's been a long time that I haven't been crafting. It was so much fun to make it! When I took the pictures and decorated it with my son's hedgehog toy, holiday memories of the shop where we bought it came back. It was such a cute haberdashery in a small Provence town I had to ask the owner if I could take some pictures. I love all those little inspiring things, ribbons, fabric, lace...

P.S.: My Raspberry Vanilla Tiramisù recipe:
3 fresh eggs
3 tbs. sugar
1dl cream
1 package ladyfingers
1 small bowl of raspberries
raspberry syrup

Separate eggs and mix yellows with sugar.

In another recipient, 1) mix egg whites until fluffy, add them to the yellow batter and 2) do the same with the cream. Set aside.

In a low recipient, mix syrup with water and add some of the raspberry juice (if you defrost them) and quickly soak some ladyfingers in it and place them at the bottom of small glass bowls.

Add into each bowl a layer of cream, again some soaked ladyfingers, raspberries, cream, ladyfingers, cream and finish with a raspberry peppermint leaf decoration!

Bon appétit!

We picked the raspberries ourselves!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Peppermint and vanilla raspberries

Last week I bought some nice herbs for my kitchen windowsill. Basilic, rosemary and a mild peppermint that is called nana. I love nana tea! I didn't have cachepots so I wrapped them in package paper. I think it looks even cuter like that!

Today I made raspberry vanilla tiramisù for dinner tonight, it looked so yummy it was hard not to try one right away. This is more a trifle than a tiramisù, but usually I make the original version. What are your favorite desserts?

Love, Chani

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here I am again...

I'm so excited about my new blog that I couldn't wait to write again! Yesterday I told myself, Chani, you DON'T go back after 10 minutes and write another post! Once a day is enough! I guess I got addicted quicker than I thought...

Sometimes I'm exploding with all my creativity, some of you surely know this! Right now it's all about decoration (yes, I have so many more crafting hobbies... I will tell you about that later on). I have this little book with all my project sketches... many projects are nor realized yet. I would like to continue decorating, but: The furniture has yet definitely to be chosen (oh this is so hard!) and ordered. Choosing the furniture is really difficult, we live in an apartment and have very limited space. On Monday finally someone will come and help us with the wallpaper. Our room will be cream and taupe, and a border that I crafted myself has to be put up in the baby's room. I've tried to prepare some little crafting ideas, but I prefer to wait for the big one's. I have to see the room in order to know how to add the decoration.

I want to share some more lavender pictures with you that I took yesterday.

I love the vintage Coke bottle! It's decorated with a grey bow, of course!

I just love pomegranates, their shape is so interesting and so perfect! I love the crown. I love crowns in general, I guess I'd love to be a princess!

Pinecones are little wonders too. I love them as an autumn and winter decoration, there's soon more to come!

I decorated my nature treasures with some Hebrew songs from a little prayer book, our wedding favor. I adore the scripture.

More lavender...

This is another banner I made for my blog, but I prefer the other one. This is more of an accident lol!

Ok I promise this is the only post today! I guess I have to take some blog idea notes in my little book!

Love, Chani

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Introducing my new blog... and me!

Welcome to my blog! I'm really excited about starting the first blog I've ever had and hope you like it and come visit often.

I'm so in love with the French/nordic country/shabby chic style (does anyone have the perfect name for it without giving an entire description?), so I decided to show you some of my treasures... things that embellish life. White, more white, cream and taupe, so calming and beautiful, I can't get enough!

It's the perfect moment to start the blog: I'm redecorating my house and I'm trying to find the perfect romantic country style. I can't wait for your good advices. I've seen the most amazing country deco blogs that are truly inspring.

This morning I've taken some of my first pictures: I put some lavender I broght home from the Provence in a glass that has written "Côté Campagne" (countryside) on it, and I filled it up with some more lavender seeds. What a nice scent! And what good memories that will keep the summer here still for a long time! There's also a white cotton lavender sachet with a wonderful monogram embroidery and one of my white dessert bowls with a heart entirely made out of lavender. The napkin is one one of my treasures: It has a "J" embroidered and they are just perfect for holidays and elegant dinner parties. Not to forget the background, white planks, I adore them, they give such a sea house feeling! I'm not going to reveal yet what they belong to... you will be surprised!

I write and write about my favorite subject and totally forgot to introduce myself. My name is Chani, I'm 29 years old and I live very close to Paris. I'm married and I have an adorable baby boy, he's 7 months old.

It took me quite a moment to decide what langauge I write this blog in: French, because I live in France (for 3 years now)? German, because I'm Swiss (and actually I have family in Germany, too)? It's great some of you can write their blogs in several langages, but my time is too limited... I hope English is ok for everyone!

Love, Chani