Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Introducing my new blog... and me!

Welcome to my blog! I'm really excited about starting the first blog I've ever had and hope you like it and come visit often.

I'm so in love with the French/nordic country/shabby chic style (does anyone have the perfect name for it without giving an entire description?), so I decided to show you some of my treasures... things that embellish life. White, more white, cream and taupe, so calming and beautiful, I can't get enough!

It's the perfect moment to start the blog: I'm redecorating my house and I'm trying to find the perfect romantic country style. I can't wait for your good advices. I've seen the most amazing country deco blogs that are truly inspring.

This morning I've taken some of my first pictures: I put some lavender I broght home from the Provence in a glass that has written "Côté Campagne" (countryside) on it, and I filled it up with some more lavender seeds. What a nice scent! And what good memories that will keep the summer here still for a long time! There's also a white cotton lavender sachet with a wonderful monogram embroidery and one of my white dessert bowls with a heart entirely made out of lavender. The napkin is one one of my treasures: It has a "J" embroidered and they are just perfect for holidays and elegant dinner parties. Not to forget the background, white planks, I adore them, they give such a sea house feeling! I'm not going to reveal yet what they belong to... you will be surprised!

I write and write about my favorite subject and totally forgot to introduce myself. My name is Chani, I'm 29 years old and I live very close to Paris. I'm married and I have an adorable baby boy, he's 7 months old.

It took me quite a moment to decide what langauge I write this blog in: French, because I live in France (for 3 years now)? German, because I'm Swiss (and actually I have family in Germany, too)? It's great some of you can write their blogs in several langages, but my time is too limited... I hope English is ok for everyone!

Love, Chani


  1. Hi Chani! Thanks for your beautiful comment on my blog. Yours is off to a very lovely start, and I can't wait to see more. I too am in love with the "French/Nordic/Scandinavian/Danish/etc/etc/etc" style lol...and I don't have a shorter name for it either! {if you hear of one do let me know ;)}

  2. Liebe Chani,
    vielen Dank für deinen Besuch bei mir. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf Bilder von deinem neugestalteten Zuhause. Bei deinen Farbvorlieben werde ich mich hier bestimmt sehr wohl fühlen.

    Liebe Grüße, Nadine

  3. hey...chani..."as schwiizermaitli"...has erscht jetzt glesa!
    din blog isch eifach zauberhaft...i kuma gern wieder! liabi grüassli usam heidiland, carla