Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Row row row the boat...

I'm still choosing my furniture. So many shops have nice decoration and accessories but no larger pieces. But finally: We found exactly the bed we were looking for! It's all white and beautiful. The webshop often gives a discount on their things, so I'm waiting a few more days before I order.

I hesitate between two amazing wall shelves. Two or three units? We don't have much space, I still have to decide... It's so difficult! And I have no idea yet how to find the perfect table. How did you find your basic furniture?

There's still so much to do, too much brown furniture around. Slowly slowly I will reach my goal: Everything white!

Remember the lavender pictures? I used my baby's nautical style wardrobe as a background.

My husband painted the wardrobe white (it was white before, but slightly tansluscent). The boat knobs and the roof were bright blue and I painted them greyish blue, a shade of the blue painted wall and the wall border. I also made some wooden boat knobs for a dresser that had other knobs before. Now everything fits perfectly together! When everything is well arranged, I will make more pictures.

I also painted three little chairs and a small table... in a few years we will draw and make there some crafts! I can't wait... I'm sure my little boy will be very creative.

I just love this wardrobe, it's it adorable? Perfect for my little sailor! I also made this garland for him.

Not finished at all... and this was before I painted the little chair :)

I love the stuffed life saver and the boat. He will love to play with them!

This is the blue wavy border I made. The right wall is light blue, a beautiful greyish blue. The baby's bed will be under the wooden DREAM letters.

Sweet framed dollhouse bear pictures hang on the blue wall. I especially love the picture with the knitted baby shoes. They are attached to a white piece of fabric with lace around it and "bébé" embroidered on it (I will take a more detailed picture another time).

That's the dresser I painted and the knobs I made. And please forgive me, the chair isn't white, what a sin :) Soon it will be! Some shelves will replace the garland soon as well.

I hope you like the baby's room as much as I do!

Love, Chani


  1. Chani,
    It is absolutely adorable! I love all the little details...too cute!

  2. Hey chani...was für ein wundervolles zimmer und dein blog!!! absolut schön!
    lieben dank für deinen besuch bei mir...habe mich sehr darüber gefreut!
    ganz liebe grüsse über die grenze, carla

  3. Hi Chani,thank you for your visit with me. I did not know your blog and I have just taken the link. Hugs Tanja

  4. Liebe Chani,

    es ist sooo schön bei Dir ! Danke für Deinen Besuch und Deine lieben Zeilen, ich musste Dich einfach gleich mal besuchen und ich komme ganz schnell wieder und immer immer wieder ;o)). Tja und ganz nebenbei kann ich mein Englisch etwas auffrischen ;o)) Das ist mein erster Lieblingsblog der in der Mittagspause im Büro erlaubt ist ... ist doch "mur" für die Weiterbildung "lieber Chef" ... ich glaube das sag ich dann falls er mich erwischt ;o))