Monday, May 2, 2011

Into the light

I just want to drop in quickly and say hello. It has been almost 6 months now that I've been absent from the blogger world. Thanks so much to those who sent me messages and asked how I was, I appreciate this very much.

I guess I'm just not such a blogger person. In the beginning, I had many ideas, but then I realized more and more that I don't really have something very interesting to say and that I prefer looking at all those amazing blogs out there.

I've also been away because I've been ill for a long time. I'm praying for things to get better.

Thank you for supporting my shop. I've just updated for summer. Most items are favorites from last year because I wasn't able to find the forces to create much new. I have plans for the upcoming months though ;) Please make sure you have changed your bookmarks to (sucre-et-cannelle is definitely not working anymore).

The last sunny weeks were so uplifting. I want more! Did you have such amazing weather in your corner of the world too?