Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sweet & British

I'm back from a little blog break, with wonderful memories from my holidays in England. I wish I could have stayed a little longer. Even though the weather isn't very good in this season, it is just magical to be there in autumn/winter. The streets were decorated with so many fairy lights, everyone was busy stocking up for winter and preparing. Sometimes this made me think of squirrels :) Instead of buying common souvenirs, I tried to find some typical English things to bring home: Two big bags of sweets and candy (I love their package designs!), cupcakes, a huge Peter Rabbit book and a Peter Rabbit puzzle for my son, a nice tea cup, jewellery... I hope I can post pictures of them soon.

I'm so excited to participate at the White Xmas Swap. I'd love to share pictures of the things I made with you, but it's still a secret! I'm very lucky that I can send them to someone who has one of the nicest blogs out there. Who it is, is still a secret as well ;) And of course... I can't wait for my surprise anymore... who will send it? What will it be??

Love, Chani

Monday, November 9, 2009

So lucky, so happy!

I haven't been blogging recently because I'm travelling a lot at the moment. Twice back home in Switzerland in the last three weeks, and next week we'll be in England! I'm really excited about that; the English countryside has such a special feeling to it because I have beautiful childhood travel memories of this place. And at the moment I'm reminded of it all the time: A lot of decoration shops have British themes and I like the vintage brit fashion. Isn't autumn the best time for it when the weather is everywhere like in England? :)

Last week, still in Switzerland, I had such an amazing surprise in my email box: I won a contest!It was Lena's from Schönsinn, a wonderful blog with breathtaking pictures you absolutely have to visit. Ooooh I'm still so excited! Just look at her "Winner" post, how she must have spent hours writing all the names on little papers and arranging them so beautifully on a plate! For those who don't speak German, "Schönsinn" means "sense for the beautiful" and this is what everyone should have: To see even the smallest beautiful things in life and appreciate them.* I don't know yet what I won, it's a surprise and Lena is on vacation at the moment so she couldn't send it yet. I'm so impatient... but at least it won't be waiting at home when I'm away too! I will post about it as soon as it gets here... The first part of the win I already got: I met in Lena a wonderful and very kind and interesting person!

Love, Chani

*A question I've always wanted to ask those who have all those amazing blogs about those beautiful details in life... nicely decorated homes, small but still time-taking crafts, and so on: Do your "average" friends or family members appreciate them? Do they see it? Or do you sometimes only do this for yourself or don't put so much effort in some things when they are for certain people? I wonder what your experiences are...